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Going into a weed dispensary and selecting which product to buy might be confusing at first; this happens in the case of first-timers. Trying out new drugs is part of your journey. However, in our experience, some find it really confusing whether to choose shrooms or weed. Since of them offers about the same feeling. There is some level of difference where you will learn today. Let’s understand them in detail.

While the two substances are entirely different physically, they offer a similar form of high, but the experience is quite different. 

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The effects of weed can depend on different factors like how long you use it, the potency of the weed, method of consumption, and the type of strain. The effective method would be to smoke or vaporize. The experience can peak within minutes and last up to about 2 hrs.

However, the edibles infused with marijuana takes 30 to 60 minutes to kick in. Some who consume them feel more productive and relaxed. Other effects of cannabis are rapid heart rate, euphoria, openness to new ideas, increased appetite etc.

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Usually, mushrooms have hallucinogenic effects depending upon the variety of species. They are usually consumed dried, brewed in a tea, grounded into powder form and made into chocolate form or capsules. They usually take 1 hour to kick in and can last up to 4 to 6 hours, depending upon the potency of the mushrooms.

Our Oshawa weed dispensary suggests that  shrooms create an openness to new ideas, but a study in 2012 shows the effects are the opposite. Some of the effects are stationary objects might appear moving or melting, things will look distorted, and perception of time might change according to you.

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This entirely depends on the type of cannabis you are using, the timing of the environment. 

Cannabis before the mushroom trip If you find that cannabis can help you with nausea or anxiety, it’s better to take it before you make the mushroom trip. However, if you are new to the shrooms, it is better to not take weed with shrooms at all.

Mushroom before cannabis Taking cannabis after the mushroom trip can intensify the overall experience. Also, if you take cannabis after 4 hrs of shroom consumption, it can prolong the effects. 

Hopefully, you might have gotten some idea about the effects of cannabis and shrooms separately and their effects when taken together. So, if you are in town looking for the best weed delivery Oshawa, don’t forget to ping Pokebud.

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