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Being totally surrounded by water, Nova Scotia is known for its blueberries, high tides, fish, lobsters, and apples. Well, if someone has not told you earlier, Nova Scotia also has a premium quality stash that is set to grow with time and give you an unbeatable experience.

Order from the wide range of options available only at Pokebud and let yourself immerse. The process of growing Sativa and Indica Strains is somewhat the same and requires about 12-16 weeks that are irresistible. Not a very accessible plant to grow, unlike all the other plants, but luckily, you can buy them at Nova Scotia weed dispensary without even thinking for a second.

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Even if you are planning to plant a seed of marijuana plant, you will require to take a lot of care and give it attention. Growing the plant is hard, but ordering is not a problematic deal. Plus, you not only get a chance to smoke your weed but also enjoy other components of it like gummies, edibles, tinctures, topicals, concentrates and vapes. 

We at Pokebud are on a mission to provide you quality from expert producers of edibles and extracts while giving you the benefit of collecting points with every order so that your experience is rewarding and you get some free buds to fall in love with.

You don’t have to worry about the payment systems as well. With e-Transfer, we ensure that all your details are safe. If you are a first time customer at Pokebud, well welcome to the fantastic club of weed lovers and get free1/8th when you make your first purchase with us. 

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There are multiple ways to consume cannabis, but if you are looking for something mellow, you can try our range of concentrates and enjoy the pure essence of resin or hash and potent cannabinoid extractions like distillate. 

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