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Originated in the Hindu’s region of Kush, Indica promotes relaxing effects in your body by producing a significant THC to CBD ratio. Indica has a sedative effect causing body high. Many people who consume Indica mention that they had been tied to their couch and that is why the preferred time to use Indica is at night. For people battling nausea, insomnia, depressions, headaches or migraines, Indica can be an effective substance to use. 

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Unlike Indica, the leaves of Sativa are not very dark, full and round because they originated from a warmer climate and have a very tall build. The process of growing Sativa is quite cumbersome as the plant requires 11 hours a day in the dark to flower. 

Being “head-high” Sativa has a lower THC count and allows you to be more creative, the best time to consume Sativa can be during the morning or afternoon.

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The most common strains created these days are Hybrids. The process of cross germinating the seeds of Sativa and Indica to produce the impact of both. The strains provided by Hybrids entirely depend on the dominance of Sativa or Indica.

As you are already aware, the most potent weed usually has a high ratio of THC to CBD, and if the ratio of both THC and CBD are evened out, CBD can counteract the effects of THC. Hence the level of both the chemicals in a strain of weed affects every individual differently.

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Whether it is Indica, Sativa or Chatmixion, we promise you the best weed smoking experience in Canada. Buy weed online at Magog and explore new strains that our buds have to offer.

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