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To any experienced smoker, it is a known fact that pairing weed with some foods can enhance the high experience. As the laws around cannabis have started to relax across Canada, the experimentation using weed strains has boomed. We at Pokebud have manufactured some unique blends with the help of our expertise.

It is necessary to understand the effects of marijuana and our body capacity and understand the controlling factors. Today you will learn about five foods that can enhance your marijuana experience and give you some medicinal benefits.

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Mango contains myrcene terpenes, which binds with the THC receptors in the brain—bringing your high to come faster, stronger and make it last longer. To experience that, you can either eat mangoes before, after or during your smoking sessions. Since it is fruit, it is not only the best thing to munch on but also healthy. 

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The chemical compounds in chocolate, when mixed with THC, will give you a blissful and euphoric feeling. That’s why many edibles in the market sell products infused with marijuana and chocolate, especially brownies. You have to make sure the dosage used in the edibles is not too much. Since they are delicious, there is a good chance of eating more of these brownies.

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Broccoli contains beta-caryophyllene that works in tandem with the cannabinoid present in the weed. It can help you reduce inflammation and physical pain. If you are planning to smoke ganja, try some broccoli before you smoke. Thinking about it will be a bit odd, the idea of mixing weed with broccoli, but it’s true.

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No doubt alcohol has a separate form of high. And some studies have shown that the people who drink alcohol tend to have more THC in their bloodstream than the ones who don’t. Also, there is a growing trend of alcohol-infused with THC in the market. Since mixing alcohol with weed can give quite an intense experience, keep in mind to drink responsibly and don’t overdo much.

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Tea has a known reputation for soothing and relaxing the body. Green tea has an antioxidant named catechin, which is responsible for several health benefits. But mixed with CBD can promote the feeling of smoothness, blissfulness and tranquillity. So, if you are planning to have brownies with a friend in your next smoking session, try having some green tea.

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