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Did you know Airdrie originated as a stopping point for steam trains? Who knew that Airdrie will be a living hub for over 70,000 people now and will keep everyone happy. It is also the highest city in Canada but are you getting your high enough? Well, this is why we exist. Just to provide you with the best range of products and keep you mellow. 

Since the range of cannabis increases every day, with THC and CBD competing shoulder to shoulder always, they both serve a different purpose. One thing in common is that they both are medically essential compounds.

Airdrie Online Dispensary

CBD and THC are two different substances originating from one plant, cannabis but both exhibit different sets of functions. Hands-down CBD is widely used for medical purposes. THC is another compound that gives the high effect. 

The significant difference is that THC binds with brain receptors causing relief in pain and a feeling of euphoria, but CBD links well with other elements that aid well-being. These 2 substances have been a hot topic of discussion amongst researchers.

There are multiple ways mentioned on how to consume both CBD and TCH, but the traditional method has always been smoking. But that is not an option for everyone with restrictive health problems; hence, the market is filled with CBD and THC products infused within. There are many flavoured gummies, oils, gels, edibles that suit different taste buds accordingly. 

Buy every range online at Ardrie cannabis store and devour everything that you order through Pokebud, our never ending list has everything and more with each passing day

Airdrie Online Dispensary

At Pokebud, we are on a mission to stir you gracefully in the world of marijuana and provide high quality weed like never before. Our wide range of options include concentrates developed by extracting cannabinoids and other molecules from fresh and frozen cannabis matter.

Our Concentrates minimizes the loss of terpenes, leaving an extremely flavourful concentrate to dab. Our extracts either have a butter-like consistency or are nice and crumbly, not to mention their highly potent properties. 

Pokebud’s delivery method is highly efficient and discreet, leaving no room for any kind of a smell. Enjoy the fastest possible delivery of your order right on the same day as soon as you pay. 

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