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What do PokeBud’s Indiga, Cativa, and Charmixeon have in common? All of these Bud’s love smoking the best weed in Canada. Each has a few specific characteristics and effects that make them stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for a calming, relaxing, and sleepy experience, meet Indiga. This small and gentle bud covers all our indica strains and is an excellent choice for medicinal relief. You’ll find her dreaming with her head above the clouds and not getting up to much. But, if you ask nicely, she can recommend the best indica strains in Canada.

Need a bit of a pick me up? Get creative with Cativa, representing our energetic sativa strains. Cativa lives up in the High Mountain zone but is creative, social, and always in a good mood. Try to catch up with Cativa as you shop for sativas online.

Finally, a Bud that is up for just about everything, Charmixeon. He represents our hybrid strains, which means Charmixeon can shift from a relaxing vibe to an energetic one, depending on genetics. Hybrids like Charmixeon combine the best of both strain worlds into unique medicinal and experiential benefits. Buy hybrids online with Charmixeon as your guide.

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