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Pokebud Online Marijuana Dispensary

The Green Kingdom

Far out in the wilderness lies a well-kept secret. Beyond a dense fog is the Green Kingdom, a hidden society of enchanting inhabitants known as buds. This kingdom was formed thousands of years ago as a safe haven for those who want to relax, chill out, and live the high life. 

Many different regions make up the Green Kingdom: Stoner’s Beach, the Groovy Jungle, the High Mountains, and the Baked Desert. Each area is home to different buds, though they often choose to mingle together.

Stoner’s Beach is a sunny place where buds go to lounge in the sand or float on the waves. Many relaxed buds call the beach their home, and it acts as a community hub, hosting parties or hang seshes for all the residents.

When they want a quiet area to get grounded, buds can be found in the dark and earthy Groovy Jungle. Many mysterious buds and fun-guys can be found here, tucked into the fog or buzzing around the treetops.

The High Mountains are perfect for any bud who wants a sense of adventure. Climbing through the clouds brings them up high, looking over the whole kingdom. At the mountain’s peak, if they are lucky, they may run into some dreamy buds floating by.

Just visible from the peak of the High Mountain lies a vast desert cooking under the sun. The Baked Desert is so wide that it is mostly unexplored, and only the bravest buds choose to endure the heat. Those bold enough to explore it may be lucky enough to find its oasis, which is home to new rare buds.

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This mysterious mister is always on the go, finding buds to join his potlucks down on Stoner’s Beach. Sipser sets high expectations for the parties he throws and likes to be the life of them. Whether he is playing pranks or passing around the snacks, he tries to make it a big deal.

Sipser carries a large pot with him wherever he goes, though the colours of the liquid inside are often changing. He loves to liven up any group he gathers in, pouring overflowing cups of his handcrafted brews. It doesn’t take long for buds around him to begin laughing, their faces lighting up. 

Though his parties can be a bit high energy, Sipser is still good at making time for everybody. He makes an effort to host more quiet hang seshes for the shy buds, even coaxing the Sheddable Edible out with some extra sweet snacks.

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Sativa Strains

Up in the mountains over the kingdom lives a quick and chipper bud. Though she likes to rest up high, Cativa loves to make regular trips into the Groovy Jungle and down to Stoner’s Beach to chat with any buds she can find.

If she can make someone smile or cheer them up, Cativa considers her day a success. In her free time, she often likes to get creative, making beautiful pieces of art that adorn her home. She can disappear into her artwork for days at a time, even forgoing visits with her friends to finish the perfect piece.

Cativa is easygoing and loves to be on good terms with every bud she meets. She is especially fond of Indiga and Charmixeon, creating works of art for each of them. Her energy can sometimes be a lot for certain buds, but even they have to admit her enthusiasm is contagious.

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This illusive bud is the small and zippy Buzzder. He may be tiny, but he will undoubtedly shatter your expectations. His scales often change colour depending on his mood, and he is known to be prickly with buds that haven’t gotten to know him yet.

Buzzder likes to drop out of the trees in the Groovy Jungle and surprise passing buds. If they don’t know about his antics and brace themselves, he can pack a big punch. While he can be very intense to start, Buzzder becomes a great friend to any bud that takes the time to know him, often giving them diamonds and other shiny things.

Because his colours change depending on his mood, you know he is happy when his scales turn green. His hard-hitting personality doesn’t win him any favours with quieter buds. However, Indiga’s calming personality can steady Buzzder’s high energy and help keep him feeling green.

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Indica Strains

Up high in the clouds over the distant mountain lives Indiga, a small and gentle bud. She spends her days floating on the wind that flows through her home, lounging or napping. Other buds know she is above from the sound of windchimes she creates. 

More often than not, Indiga will fall asleep mid-conversation with other buds, snoring with the soft sound of windchimes. Her musical notes can often lull others into a restful sleep, creating small communal nap piles.

Indiga has a vivid imagination, which makes for great fun when she spends time with others, especially her best buds Cativa and Charmixeon. She loves to share stories she comes up with while she is high in the clouds. That is, if she can keep her eyes open long enough to tell them.

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Premium Grade Products

Throughout the high kingdom, Topknotch reigns supreme. Her royal highness carries dazzling diamonds, flowers, and anything else gifted by the buds under her care. While she is undoubtedly the queen of the kingdom, she is adored and respected by all for her consistent kindness.

Topknotch floats smoothly as she travels, leaving a trail of fragrant smoke in her wake. When buds spend time with her, they begin to feel clearer and breathe more deeply. She is careful to speak with all the inhabitants of the high kingdom and is the first to remind them that taking care of each other is a joint effort.

While time speaking to her is in high demand, Topknotch makes an effort to show up for social gatherings with the buds. She likes to share her time with them and swears that she has no favourites. Each bud would secretly like to think that she likes them the most, though.

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Sea Beedee


Sea Beedee is a gentle and carefree bud who inhabits the depths of Stoner’s Beach. She lives just below the surface, watching for activity on shore with one gleaming eye. She can be hard to spot unless you know to look for her, and even then, she often manages to slip below the waves when she wants time alone.

While sometimes shy, Sea Beedee plays nicely with all the other buds. Whether they’re from Stoner’s Beach, the Groovy Jungle, or even those high in the mountains, buds often make the trip down to the beach to ride the waves with her.

When a bud feels anxious or overwhelmed, Sea Beedee knows precisely what to say to calm them down and recenter them. While she may never desire to be the star of the show, Sea Beedee is the ultimate team player who strives to make those around her feel steady, healthy, and loved.

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Sheddable Edible


Deep in the heart of the Groovy Jungle lies a valley, free from the tendrils of the forest fog. Legends tell of a big, lumbering bud that inhabits a dark burrow in this hidden place, who roars loudly in the night. In reality, the Sheddable Edible is much closer to a big, snuggly teddy bear.

While this bud may look frightening from afar, the Sheddable Edible’s shaggy fur is home to delicious secrets. This herbivore regularly sheds weed as it scours the forest floor, looking for snacks to munch on. The roars you hear coming deep from the forest are most likely just the Sheddable Edible’s tummy when it forgets where it put the snack stash.

The Sheddable Edible doesn’t always get along with others, as it often forgets that it arranged to meet. It does, however, like to make the journey down to Stoner’s Beach, where it spends the evening lounging close to Sea Beedee.

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Though the Groovy Jungle sees plenty of sunlight, it can be hard to spot Charmixeon. When he wants to, this bud knows exactly how to blend in. He likes to nap whenever the urge hits without being disturbed and often succumbs to the sleepiness that creeps up on him.

While he may like to snooze, Charmixeon is often excited by things. When these moods hit, smoke may billow out of his nose and trail behind him. This can make him easier to spot, but if he’s in an energetic mood, the company is always welcome, and he is known to be quite the smooth talker when he wants to be.

His smoke trails garner a lot of attention from other buds, but he most looks forward to visits from his best friends Indiga and Cativa. They understand that his mood can change and appreciate him whether he feels energized or relaxed.

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Terp Turtle


Terp Turtle is a laid-back bud that lives on the shore of Stoner’s Beach. He spends much of his days lying in the sun, riding the waves, or picking flowers along the Groovy Jungle’s edge. Flowers and plants make Terp Turtle very happy, and he tends to always have at least one bouquet on him at all times in case he runs into a bud in need of a cheer-up.

Though he carries flowers on him, Terp Turtle smells lovely without them. Buds know that he is nearby when they smell aromatic flowers, earthy tones, or sweet fruits. Though he loves to share his herbs and plants with others, when Terp Turtle is gone, so are the delicious smells.

While he smells great, that is not the only reason Terp Turtle is welcome by all. He helps to calm and ground those around him, and with the help of Sea Beedee, he can relax even the most anxious of buds.

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Mushedelic is a tall and gangly fun-guy that makes his home far out in the Groovy Jungle. His colourful, tie-dye skin can appear to glow in the sunlight. When his skin catches the light just right, colours and shapes dance on the canopy above. He is always smiling or laughing and will often invite buds to sit with him in nature.

When buds spend time with Mushedelic, things start to feel brighter. In fact, buds swear they see things in the Groovy Jungle after chatting with him. Because of his high spirits, he tends to get along well with everyone. His favourite activities involve spending time grounded in the Groovy Jungle or floating on the waves at Stoner’s Beach.

While he will ponder life with anyone, he is especially fond of Indiga, Cativa, and Charmixeon. He swears those three can bring good vibes and can reignite his laughter better than anyone, and he loves getting them to lighten up.

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Buds can often find the intimidating X-Traz leaning against a tree just off of Stoner’s Beach. He is easy to spot with his black and red scales, and his long neck which slouches low when he hits his vape. While talking to others, vapour puffs out of X-Traz’s mouth, trailing up into the trees above him.

Those who don’t know him may think that X-Traz is unfriendly, due to his bloodshot eyes and claws. With time, however, any bud who makes the effort to speak with him is met with a down to earth cool-kid who is very protective of his friends.

X-Traz likes to hang out in gatherings. He is especially fond of Sipser’s beach parties, where he can be seen sharing his vape with any bud who asks. At the end of the night, when the party dies down, X-Traz is the first to offer to walk others home or find them a nice spot to sleep on the beach.

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